Sanitation Solution

LuminIce is an advanced sanitation device which defends against viruses, bacteria, mold and yeast using chemical-free ultraviolet light technology. The device creates “active air” by circulating air inside the ice machine food zone over a sterilizing UV light. As this treated air passes over exposed food zone components it inhibits the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeast and other common microorganisms. 

The benefits of the device include improved sanitation, performance, and a better bottom line.  Treating the air for viruses, bacteria and microorganisms results in a machine that stays clean longer.  This means less labor and downtime during scheduled cleanings.  Clean machines also perform better, producing ice efficiently and with less strain on machine components.  A small investment in LuminIce improves your bottom line though fewer professional cleanings and less downtime to complete them.   

Whether your operation is a challenging environment, such as a bar or pizza parlor, of if sanitation is top of mind, there’s no better way to defend against viruses and bacteria in your ice machine than with LuminIce® II.

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