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Turbo Pot is an all new high-quality cookware that heats up twice as fast as regular cookware - allowing you to save time, reduce your gas bill and preserve more nutrients in the food you cook.





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Turbo Sauce Pan

For making and reducing sauces and general purpose cooking, the techno advanced TurboPot ™ Sauce Pan can bring your quality of the food to another level. The TurboPot™ heats up faster and saves time and energy compared to conventional cookware. Uniform heating of the pot’s lower surface reduces hot spots.








Turbo Sauce Pot

For general range top cooking—making sauce, soups, cooking pasta, beans and potatoes—the Turbo Pot ™ Sauce Pot is a clear favorite. By increasing the heat transfer between stove flame and the lower surface of the sauce pot—your food heats up faster while you save time and energy and reduce indoor pollution. Uniform heating properties reduce hot spots that can interfere with the cooking process.

Turbo Stock Pot

No more “watched pot never boils” when you use the innovative Turbo Pot ™ stock pot. This techno-advanced cookware is perfect for making stock, broth, and soup; boiling lobster, shrimp, and corn; or deep frying turkey. The high-performance heat sink saves time and energy, enabling you to cook hotter and faster. The Turbo Pot™ stock pot boasts uniform heating to reduce hot spots. Dim down the burner and cook normally,you will save a lot of gas bill.



Turbo Brazier

No more “watched pot never boils.” The high tech multipurpose 7.5 quart Turbo Multi Pot ™ is great for making stock, broth, and soup or boiling lobster, shrimp, and corn. The insert allows you to easily steam vegetables, fish, and other delicious food. The high performance heat sink at the pot’s lower surface is equivalent to instantly upgrading your home stove to professional grade; you can cook like a professional chef at home! Heat up liquids fast to save time and energy, and reduce harmful emissions from the cooking process. Uniform heating along the bottom of the pot reduces hot spots.




Turbo Kettle 2.5qt

No more “watched pot never boils.” This “Star Wars” techno tea kettle helps you get out the door in the morning in a fraction of the time normally spent waiting for water to boil. The high performance heat sink provides the boosts the heat transfer from your home gas range to a level consistent with professional cooktops. You can enjoy your cup of tea or coffee faster, with less waiting for water to boil.





Turbo Fry Pan

All hands on. Built with the can-do confidence of durable aluminum & professional grade non stick coating will last long time for optimized performance, this charming set provides incredible heat control for precision, gourmet meal making. A standout espresso-hued nonstick keeps food from sticking & prevents hot spots that often burn foods & ruin meals.











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