TRS Classic

Meets all your needs for preparing fruit and vegetables Increase productivity, outstanding performance, superior quality and a sturdy design.


Two functions in one machine!

MULTIGREEN is the ever-ready ideal solution for economic preparations of buffets of freshly cut vegetables. It plays a double role in the kitchen, first providing fresh cuts for the preparation of raw vegetables, then, thanks to the cutter equipment, it chops and mixes condiments and sauces. • cutter function: chopping herbs and condiments, blending sauces, mincing meat/fish • capacity: up to 35 ounces (1 litre) (e.g. mayonnaise) • vegetable slicer function: fresh-cut vegetables for sandwiches and small salads• Capacity: up to 550 lbs/hr (250 kg/hr) • easy to move and space saving • speed 1800 rpm • versatile and easy to change from a cutter to a vegetable slicer • integrated long vegetable hopper to slice zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, etc • continuous feeding model • high discharge zone permits the use of GN containers up to 175 mm • all parts in contact with food are 100% dishwasher safe

Bermixer PRO

The Dito Sama Bermixer PRO makes it quick and easy to prepare soups, purees, sauces and creams, and whip egg whites. The Bermixer PRO family is offering a wide range of hand held mixers: different motor powers and different tube lengths. The Bermixer PRO design is granting effortless handling due to the light weight and maximum cleanability, thanks to the tube and shaft completely dismountable without any tool. The knife bell design is anti-splash and is able to generate in combination with the 3 blade knife an efficient vortex, that reduces the stirring operation during the mixing.

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